CASA of Shawnee County

Citizen Review Board

The Citizen Review Board (CRB) reviews children's cases and assesses progress toward the goals established in the child's case plan and may suggest alternatives if progress has been insufficient. The focus is always on achieving a permanent home for the child as quickly as possible.

CRB was established in 1995 to assist the District Court Judge in reviewing the overwhelming number of Child In Need of Care cases. CRB consists of community volunteers who have a genuine interest and concern for abused and/or neglected children in Shawnee County. Each board is comprised of five volunteers who review cases that are referred by the District Court Judge. When a review is scheduled, all professionals and relevant persons are invited to attend and speak to the board. After hearing the presentations, asking questions, and reviewing the written reports, the board formulates written recommendations for the judge to consider. The judge makes the final decision regarding actions on the case.